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5 Tips On Reviewing Your Proofs

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

We take pride in our work so it should come as no surprise that we want you to be happy with the work we do for you. A big part of creating this type of "happily ever after" outcome is for you to thoroughly review the proof we send you... so here are some tips:

Remember - The proof is intended to represent what your order is going to look like, so think of it as a mock-up of the finished product.

  1. In general terms, does the proof look right? Sometimes there can be a range of different products that have been quoted on, so make sure the product on the proof is the right brand, style and colour.

  2. Look at the 'correctness' of the printing. Check the location(s) of the print and the size. There should be a reference to the physical size of the print (width x length) but if you're not sure about sizing, grab a ruler to use as a visual reference.

  3. Now take an even closer look at the print: Does the proof show the right version of your design or logo? Be sure to check all the spelling and spacing.

  4. With regard to colour, our proof is going to represent either (a) the print colour values you have specifically requested, or (b) the print colour values as supplied in your artwork files. Unfortunately, reviewing colour on electronic proofs can be tricky because the screens on computers, tablets and phones don't necessarily display 'true' colour. Due to this the basis for colour accuracy is determined by the colour values of the artwork files (not what is shown on-screen). If colour accuracy is of particular concern please contact us.

  5. After reviewing your proof it's often a good idea to walk away from it for a while and then come back to review it again. Sometimes having a 2nd look (or even a 3rd) may help you identify an issue you missed the first time around. Having said that, remember that the production timeline doesn't begin until you have approved your proof in writing... so a timely response is still important.

Here's the cold hard truth: After you've approved your proof, everything shown on the proof is deemed to be correct because you approved it... even if a mistake gets noticed later. Here's the wording taken directly from our proof:

By approving this design for production, the client certifies the proof has been checked for correctness including design, colour, size and spelling. Should any errors or omissions of any type be subsequently found, the client certifies that PRIME TIME is not responsible.

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